Holistic Blitz | Not just a yoga retreat, not just a detox week and not just a intense boot camp!


Uniting a powerful trinity of Yoga, Personal training and tours to ignite your passion for wellbeing.

Re-treat yourself, with a difference. Our ethos to elevate your wellbeing is rooted in seeking equanimity and authenticity.

Set in the fittest destinations across Europe, in our stylish private luxury Villas, with views to take your breath away, food to nourish your body and soul and fun excursions to remind you that life is about balance, welcome to Holistic Blitz Retreats.

Move, sculpt, stretch and breathe, exploring a playful dynamic fusion of bespoke fitness coaching, group classes and restorative therapies from professionals who are passionate about training your body through intensity in a nurturing mindful way.

In collaboration with a great nutritionist and chef we will provide you with a tasteful experience of contemporary innovative dishes using the finest local and seasonal produce. All our menus are carefully designed to elevate your vitality levels.

Inclusive with your booking, we invite all our re-treaters to enjoy a variety of excursions to celebrate balance and fun.

Our retreats are personable, servable and unique which is why we keep group numbers to a maximum of 12 likeminded individuals.

Immerse yourself in your transformation. Our intention is to empower you to return home healthier, happier, full of fun memories, friends and inspired wisdom to make better life choices which are sustainable beyond your stay with us.

We look forward to meeting and sharing this incredible re-treat experience with you Holistic Blitz